Gifts For New & Expectant Mothers

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1. The Minimalist Baby Book by Tokki Goods - Love this minimalist baby memory book! So easy to personalize and complete without having to be a top-tier scrapbooker!

2. Amazon Fresh Unlimited Monthly Grocery Delivery - Is there anything better than groceries just showing up at your front door? Not if you’re a new, sleep-deprived mom. This service is not available in every city yet, but click here to see locations and then get ready to make someone real happy with a gifted month.

3. TOMS Ivy Pom Faux Shearling Lined Slippers - These adorable new slippers by TOMS are a must-have for any new mama who finds herself spending a lot more time at home for a season.

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4. Real Food for Pregnancy - It’s never too late to start eating better for you and your baby. Finally, a pregnancy food book written by a real mom who’s also a Registered Dietician-Nutritionist!

5. Legendary Milk organic breastfeeding support - With names like Liquid Gold and Cash Cow, these milk production supplements are a dream for the pumping mama…or anyone looking to boost supply!

6. Ritual prenatal and postpartum vitamin goodness - It looks like pure gold and treats a woman’s body to the perfect concoction of nutrients that she needs for growing a child. Love this company! Subscription options make it easy to gift as well.

7. The Magic of Motherhood - Beautifully crafted essays from real moms about the exquisite nuances of motherhood. Perfect for slow breastfeeding breaks.

8. Daily Harvest smoothies - Use code madeline3 for three FREE smoothie cups with your first order. I wish someone had gifted me this when I was a new mom! These beautiful, pre-packed smoothie cups just require dumping them into a blender and adding liquid. Instant nourishment for tired new mamas!

9. PinkBlush floral delivery/maternity robe - Every pregnant mama craves something of their own at the hospital. NO ONE wants to wear those hospital gowns. I practically lived in this pretty robe for several weeks after giving birth, and still wear it today. It’s drapy and stretchy, so it doesn’t require a huge belly to fit and look cute.

10. Blanqi maternity and postpartum support leggings - These are magic. My most-worn maternity item. Pair them with anything. Feel elegant. Amen.

11. Luxury Spa Bath Pillow and 12. Epsoak Epsom Salt Bath - The perfect pairing for a relaxing gift! This bath pillow comes highly recommended, and Epsom salts are a great way to absorb much-needed mama magnesium through your skin.

13. Earth Mama Belly Butter - Use this link and code MadelineNutrition through 12/31/18 to save 20% off individual, regularly priced products. This coupon can be used multiple times (U.S. only). If I could swim in a pool of this stuff, I would. Every body is beautiful, pre and post birth, but if you could prevent stretch marks, wouldn’t you want to? Smells divine!

14. The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother - I ate this book up in my third trimester! The first 40 days after the birth of a child offer an essential period of rest and recovery for the new mother to focus on healing and baby bonding. Includes traditional recipes!

15. Healthy Human tumblers and steins - Use code MGIVEN10 for 10% off through this Amazon link until 12/31/18. I have the 21oz. Dessert Lily style water bottle and I love it! The lid actually stays ON and everything inside remains COLD! Came with stainless steel straws which were a must for me postpartum when your hands are too full of baby to pick up a glass.