Market Monday Share // 4•14•14

Inspired start a little #marketMonday sharing about some superb Whole Foods finds from today. Because I would get married in a Whole Foods. Just maybe don't quote me on that. 

1—Epic Bars. You guys. They are redefining the protein/snack bar world. My #paleo friends love these so I had to try one. Bison? Sure why not. If you like beef jerky, you will LOVE these. They also have other flavors involving lamb, turkey, and beef. No nitrates, gluten, dairy, nuts or grains in this Bison flavor. And only 8 g's of sugar. $2.50

2—Coconut Aminos. I recommend this to all my wheat-free and soy-free clients. Tastes similar to soy sauce or tamari (better, in my opinion) and only contains fermented coconut sap and sea salt. Organic and way less salt too! $5.99

3—Eden Foods Dried Cranberries. They're only sweetened with apple juice! I'm such a sucker for dried crans, and I eat them in everything: oatmeal, meat sauces, SALADS and just to snack on. Glad to find a brand that doesn't rely on straight up added sugar. $4.49

4—Taste Nirvana Real Coconut Water and Coco Aloe. My fav brand currently of coconut water, and then I found their coco water + Aloe Vera! Aloe Vera juice (from the plant) is super healthful/hydrating for the skin and soothing on the gut as well. But I've never been able to find an easily available brand withOUT added sugars or grape flavoring (weird, I know). But there's nothing else added in Taste Nirvana's product! $2.69