Monday Introductions!

Hello all! I'm Madeline, although close friends call me Maddie. My über-talented friend Jessica Roy took some photos of me recently, which I thought was a good excuse to pause from the foodie pics and get to know you all a bit better!

1. I'm from Santa Barbara, CA. It's not lost on me how lucky I am to call this place home. You should all come visit. We can go wine tasting together. That said, I love having long distance relationships with my clients! And I'm really good at it. If you'd like to have a personal nutritionist for any amount of time, don't let the miles stop you from contacting me. 

2. I'm half Russian. привет!

3. I'm a certified holistic nutrition consultant. I LOVE my job. But it is a job. My only job. So from time to time you will see me posting about specials I'm offering, and programs I'd love for you to consider being a part of.

4. My grandparents own a U-Pick blueberry farm (I call them bluebs).

5. I have a giveaway coming up! 

6. The first blog post I ever wrote on this website wasn't about nutrition at all—I christened my site with the story of how my boyfriend first 'wooed' me by taking me sailing. It might be my most popular post. He's tall, dark and handsome. And a much better person than me. 

7. In undergrad, I lived and studied abroad in Lithuania.

8. Nutella sandwiches and Cocoa Puffs were big staples in my childhood diet. Least judgmental nutritionist right here. 

9. My boyfriend and I are currently working our way through every episode of West Wing. #BartletforAmerica!

10. My favorite comfort food right now is a big warm toasted English muffin dripping with honey and butter. 

I love your sweet comments and awesome questions. Thank you for faithfully following along on this journey to health! Now tell me a little something about YOU!