Essential Oils to Support Labor and Birth

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AFTER BIRTH PAINS: Marjoram and Copaiba rubbed on abdomen

ANXIETY & FEAR: Stress Away, Peace & Calming — rub on pressure points, back of neck, feet, chest, or diffuse in the room. Also: Sara oil, Release oil or Surrender oil blends may support aromatically

BACK PAIN & INFLAMMATION: Copaiba rubbed all over back pain area

DIFFICULTY PEEING: Place a drop of Peppermint in the toilet bowl water to support easier urination

EXHAUSTION: Smelling RC oil or having it on a wet wash cloth to support energy

DEPRESSION: Lemon or Tangerine to smell or on cool wash cloth to support mood

MUSCLE PAIN & TENSION: Deep Relief roller or Copaiba massaged gently

NAUSEA: Peppermint or Lemon to smell OR a drop on roof of mouth

PERINEUM MASSAGE: Claraderm Spray or Myrrh (acts as analgesic and strengthener)

PLACENTA EXPULSION: Geranium, Lavender and Gentle Baby rubbed on abdomen 


TEARING (PERINEUM): Apply Copaiba after any tearing to help with inflammation and pain 

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  • Claraderm Spray: nourishing to the perineum before delivery and for healing after birth

  • Clary Sage: to strengthen contractions and make them more efficient once they are established

  • Copaiba: ALSO can be applied to skin immediately after tearing (anti-inflammatory and pain relief)

  • Deep Relief roller: for muscle massage during labor

  • Geranium, Lavender and Gentle Baby: rubbed on tummy to help expel placenta 

  • Lemon: to smell if nauseous; ALSO a drop or two in sipping water to encourage hydration

  • Marjoram and Copaiba: to rub on tummy to help with after birth pains

  • Myrrh: analgesic and skin strengthening, to be applied to perineum to avoid tearing.

  • Peppermint: to smell or use a drop of on roof of mouth for nausea; ALSO place a drop in toilet water to help with any difficulty urinating

  • RC: energizing to the respiratory system and can help prevent exhaustion 

  • SARA, Release, Surrender blends: these MAY help to sniff when things get emotionally tough 

  • Stress Away and Peace & Calming: to smell and massage onto back of neck, head, feet, chest, wrists, to help calm and relax