The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Slow Cooker Cookbook IS HERE!

I am thrilled to finally present a follow-up to my first cookbook — The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Slow Cooker Cookbook. If you thought you didn’t have time to focus on anti-inflammatory foods before, now you have no excuse! In using the slow cooker, I’ve shrunk the prep times, while also allowing many of the ingredients to be cooked in the best possible ways — slower and at lower heat — which your body will benefit from as you enjoy eating these approachable and delicious spins on classic, comfort food recipes.

As a new mom I am often pulled in what feels like a dozen different directions in any given moment. The last thing I need at the climax of a chaotic day is the added stress in the moment of, “What do I make for dinner?” And so often this is followed with a long sigh and the quick realization that even if I started prepping right then, food wouldn’t be served until almost bedtime.

I often look back on the clients I worked with when I was single and seemed to only answer to myself — I felt as if I had all the time in the world! I would provide them with tasty and healthy, yet extremely overly detailed recipes and meal plans, full of far too much prepwork and ingredient shopping.

I wish I could gift each client with this cookbook and a bright, shiny new slow cooker. It truly has made the best difference in the amount of time and energy I have to allot to the food I eat. I used to associate slow cookers with great-grandmothers, unhealthy casseroles and greasy bakes. Now I know better! The slow cooker has proved itself time and time again to be a miracle gadget that cooks in a slow and healthy way as long as you provide it with ingredients that will help and not harm your body.

This cookbook focuses on simple, no-strings-attached food that will help you maintain a diet bursting with inflammation-fighting ingredients and all-around healthy components. Even the act of cooking for longer periods of time using lower heat can be beneficial to your health. Less nutrients are destroyed in the process and more of the fats are able to remain stable and unbroken. This means you receive more of the energy food has to give you, without the damage it can so often do through rancid oils and fried elements.

Mediterranean Quinoa with Pepperoncinis

Mediterranean Quinoa with Pepperoncinis

My goal in writing these recipes is to prove that embarking on a new-to-you diet doesn’t have to be full of ‘no’s’ and restriction. With a little background knowledge and the proper guidebook (this cookbook!), you receive the joy of focusing on the incredibly lush and flavorful ingredients that you do get to eat. Chances are, you will never notice the lack of gluten, dairy, soy, or a host of other inflammation-causing ingredients.

Get ready to add a little dinner anticipation to your morning routine. By merely tossing a little goodness into your slow cooker and flipping a switch before you start your day, you’ll be welcomed home at dinnertime by inviting aromas rather than the stress and overwhelm of daunting meal prep. And the same goes for breakfasts as well. While you sleep, you can rest assured knowing that when you wake up, your slow cooker will be providing you with a nourishing meal to power you through the day. One versatile kitchen appliance, less inflammation, and a happier, healthier life.