Healthy, Happy, Holiday Stocking Stuffer Guide

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1. Daily Harvest gift cards - Use code madeline3 for three FREE smoothie cups with your first order. These beautiful, pre-packed smoothie cups just require dumping them into a blender and adding liquid. Instant nourishment for tired new mamas!

2. Natural Vitality CALM powder packets - Possibly my #1 most highly recommended product — it’s pure magnesium that has a naturally calming effect on the body. Known as the anti-stress drink!

3. Glossier gift packs - Take your pick. They’re all luscious and so so pretty.

4. Vital Proteins collagen peptides stick packs - Carrying these around in a purse is the perfect protein-packed addition to any coffee shop drink on-the-go!

5. Schmidt's Natural Deodorant for Sensitive Skin - I’m confident that this is the best non-toxic, baking soda-free deodorant for sensitive skin on the market…that actually works! And this Lily of the Valley scent smells divine.

6. Food Huggers - These little things are kitchen storage magic! Just pop them onto an avocado half or cut apple and save them for later in the fridge.

7. Teeccino - Use code healthyliving2018 for 10% off everything. These come in teabags and are the the perfect coffee substitute with no acid or caffeine!

8. Bombas socks - Bombas donates one pair for every pair purchased, contributing to the homeless community while encouraging others to get involved.

9. Lemon essential oil - Citrus oils are all under $15! Did you know you don’t have to buy a whole kit in order to grab your favorite Young Living oils? Just use this link to buy as a “Retail Customer” and you can pick and choose exactly what you want with zero strings attached.

10. Bentonite Clay Facial Mask - One container will last for years, and it’s as natural a product as they come!