tummy-friendly gummies with collagen and kombucha

kombucha gelatin gummies — Madeline Nutrition

Pardon the gingerbread silicone mold above. It's the only one I have. I know it's not Christmas yet. It was 84º today. Sigh.

These little gummies have become popular in the holistic nutrition world as of late, and for good reason. They look like candy, they (almost, sometimes, kind of) taste like candy...or at least a gummy fruit snack...and they are a fantastic vehicle for getting all sorts of nutrients into you or your child's body!

There are a number of recipes floating around the Interweb for these little chews, but I've adapted the ones that I make from Wellness Mama and Hello Natural (who only uses four ingredients!). Butter Believer even makes them laced with magnesium here! Like I said, a vehicle for ANYTHING.

These particular chews incorporate probiotics from kombucha, everyone's favorite grass-fed gelatin powder from Great Lakes (available on Amazon here!), and pure fruit. No processed sugars or gross food dyes and colorings. 

What Is Kombucha?

According to the brand that is filling the bottom shelf of my fridge, Health-Ade, kombucha is a fermented tea drink that is naturally rich in gut-friendly probiotics, as well as high in antioxidants and nutrients.

I've always liked kombucha, even before it became every hipsters favorite soda alternative. Back in the day I felt pretty badass buying the stuff because a certain brand still made it with just over .5% alcohol content, so I'd get carded at checkout. 

Probiotics are friendly bacteria, enzymes and yeasts that live in your body, helping everyday to digest what you eat and balance your energy and metabolism. Unfortunately, due to the current state of our food and water, many of us have compromised and depleted this flora.

Not all kombucha is created equal, however. The good stuff should only have ingredients like tea, sugar (to feed the good little bacteria guys), and water...and possibly a natural fruit juice added for specific flavoring.

What is Gelatin

Don't even get me started. This is one of my favorite healthy foods. You can do so much with it (I add it to smoothies, bone broths, these gummies, soups...).

Back in the day our ancestors were far less wasteful than us. They were also far more healthier than us. They ate the whole animal. Skin, organs, and connective tissues (I just lost all my vegan readers). They simmered the bones and tendons for broths. Besides a great wealth of minerals and vitamins, they were also getting COLLAGEN from these meaty feasts. The same collagen that our bodies need to provide us with healthy nails, skin, hair and joints. Because collagen is the main protein found in our connective tissues, we should not skimp on consuming it — especially as we age.

Which brings me back to the main point, gelatin, which is a fantastical source of COLLAGEN. So eat up. 

Tummy-Friendly Gummy Chews with Collagen and Kombucha 

Health-Ade Beet Kombucha on Madeline Nutrition

The recipe that follows is a starting point. You can mix and match ingredients until the taste suits you and the specific nutrients you need find their way into the bowl. Try opening a probiotic capsule and throwing the powder in. You can use a vitamin C blend (I use this food-based one), or even add another protein powder of your choosing into the fun, just don't take the gelatin powder out (because that's kind of a key ingredient here in terms of it all gelling). I get bonus points because I used BEET kombucha. Yah, you read that right.


  • 1 cup water (divided)
  • ½ cup (8 tablespoons) gelatin powder
  • ¼ cup honey (optional and to taste)
  • 1 cup kombucha (I used Health-Ade Beet flavor)
  • 1 cup puréed fruit (I used strawberries and banana blended with a few spoonfuls of water in my Vitamix
  • 1-2 silicone candy molds or a lightly greased glass dish


tummy-friendly gummy chews with collagen and kombucha — Madeline Nutrition
  1. Boil the water.
  2. Place the ½ cup gelatin powder in a medium bowl, add the boiling water, and stir quickly to create a soupy paste...and eventually a stiff, stir-able liquid.
  3. Add the honey, fruit purée and kombucha. Continue to stir. Try stirring with a fork or whisk, or use an immersion blender to make it really easy.
  4. Quickly pour the mixture into a silicone mold or a lightly greased glass dish. Allow to cool and harden/gel-ify in the fridge for 1-3 hours.
  5. You should be able to keep these in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks in the fridge.