Monday Market Share // 6•2•14

Madeline Nutrition — Monday Market Share // 6•2•14

Happy first #marketMonday of June! I'm excited about these products and I've been enjoying them all week! I got them all at Whole Foods Market, but I've seem them at other smaller health food stores...and the tea is able to be purchased online. I'll also GIVE AWAY one can of the tea to two different followers. Just tag a friend on this photo on @MadelineNutrition Instagram to share about Madeline Nutrition in order to be entered! Enter as many times as you'd like. USA only. Ends 6/3/14 at 5pm. 

1—Siggi's filmjölk. Nope, not a typo. It's a Swedish-style drinkable yogurt similar to milk kefir, full of beneficial and live culture strains (aka probiotics)...but no fake sweeteners like so many other yogurts/kefir contain. It can be poured over fruit or granola, or added to smoothies. I buy plain (no sugar added at all!) but they also have real fruit added flavors.

2—Bubbies old fashioned sauerkraut. Fat free and low calorie, yet rich in vitamin C and minerals like iron and calcium. Bubbies sauerkraut is traditionally fermented, so it is probiotic-rich and full of good gut-healing bacteria! I eat it on toast, eggs, meat thrown in with salads.

3—Juniper Ridge wild-crafted teas. If you're needing a new go-to hot beverage, these will not let you down. Made from sustainably wild harvested white sage and organic mint. They also have 100% Douglas Fir spring tips from the PNW! They are both beautiful products. And smell like wild mountain heaven.

4—Tessemae's all-natural dressings! These are hashtag worthy to the max because they are #dairyfree#glutenfree#sugarfree, and #vegan...not to mention most of them are #whole30 and #paleo friendly, as well as #kosher. I've been loving the Zesty Ranch lately! But there are oodles of flavors to choose from.