Market Monday Share // 6•9•14

Madeline Nutrition — Market Monday // 6•9•14

#MarketMonday time! Did you know I originally started this weekly segment on the Madeline Nutrition Instagram account? I answer all sorts of questions about the products in the comments. And to be clear, I'm not paid to endorse any of these brands. And if I ever am, I will tell you point blank.

Today in the top row are two supplements that I could recommend almost across the map. I mention them in the #eatlikemad meal plan, which you can still download this by signing up here or in the right sidebar!

Let's get to it though.

1—Probiotics! Lately I've been using Garden of Life Raw Probiotics for Women. Probiotic capsules have two determining factors: the # of different strains of bacteria (32 in this bottle) and the # in billions of actual live cultures in the bottle (85 billion in this one). Several things can throw off good gut bacteria balance in your digestive tract: overuse of NSAIDS and painkillers, birth control, alcohol, preservatives and chemicals in food, and definitely antibiotic use! If you're not getting in your fermented foods, add a probiotic capsule into your routine.

2—Fermented Cod Liver Oil by Green Pastures is my favorite natural source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids. It's also packed full of vitamins A and D, and the fermentation makes it better digested and better absorbed by our bodies. I take the Cinnamon Tingle flavor (only has pure cinnamon extract added!), which is so good I don't have to chase it with anything! Ensure a strong mind, body and spirit in your family — it's certainly cheaper than buying wild-caught salmon every night. The link I've included above is for an Amazon listing, but you may find it cheaper on the Green Pastures website.

3—Pure salsa...verde! Not all salsa is created equal! But when I find the good stuff, I put it on everything. Salsa has the potential of delivering a couple servings of vegetables with no strings attached — just make sure yours doesn't have any preservatives or sugars added. And be careful what you're using to transport it to your mouth—avoid corn chips, and try dipping with cut mini pepper boats...or drizzling salsa over sweet potatoes and Mexican-inspired salads.

4—I know a lot of people are not into eating bread these days, and I support that when it's bread loaded with processed flours, sugars and additives. BUT...Food For Life "7 Sprouted Grains" bread contains no flour, just sprouted grains of goodness, so it's very easy on the digestion. It's vegan, high in fiber, and nutrient dense.

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