The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Slow Cooker Cookbook

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practical, prep-and-go recipes to make long-term relief part of your everyday routine.

The anti inflammatory diet can be easily incorporated into your daily life―especially with a little help from your slow cooker. The Anti Inflammatory Diet Slow Cooker Cookbook makes it easy to eat fresh, healthy foods that fight inflammation with prep-and-go recipes for ready-to-eat meals when you come home.

Ready-made for your busiest days, the recipes in this anti inflammatory diet cookbook require a maximum prep time of 15 minutes. With no stove-top cooking needed, The Anti Inflammatory Diet Slow Cooker Cookbook is an effortless, everyday solution to healing your immune system.

The Anti Inflammatory Diet Slow Cooker Cookbook helps you fight inflammation and stay healthy every day with:

  • An introduction to the anti inflammatory diet that explains the basic principles of the diet, with a special focus on foods for fighting inflammation and foods that cause flare-ups.

  • 100 quick and easy recipes that maximize the convenience of your slow cooker with a maximum prep time of 15 minutes and no additional steps.

  • Slow cooking tips that include advice on getting to know your slow cooker, plus dos and don’ts for slow cooking.

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Cookbook

Fatigue, GI flare-ups, joint-swelling and pain. Most of us are familiar with symptoms such as these long before we know that chronic inflammation is at the root of it. The good news is that once you make the connection, you can immediately start helping your body heal with the power of good nutrition through an anti-inflammatory diet.

According to the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health (NCBI), inflammation can be linked to just about every health condition and is the underlying basis for a significant number of diseases.

As a certified holistic nutritionist my goal is to help clients address their specific symptoms of ongoing inflammation. By prescribing an easy-to-follow anti-inflammatory diet filled with flavorful, nutrient-rich recipes, I’ve been able to guide numerous inflammation sufferers towards immediate symptom relief and long-lasting, renewed wellbeing.

In The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Cookbook, I’ve made my easy diet program guidelines and approachable recipes available to all. Smart, succinct, and simple, The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Cookbook is your all-in-one quick-start guide.

  • 30 mins or less: Plan your meals ahead of time based on what your schedule allows―these anti-inflammatory diet recipes take just 30 minutes or less

  • Friend or foe? Shop smart with helpful lists of foods to enjoy, or avoid, on your anti-inflammatory diet

  • Lifestyle Tips: Give your anti-inflammatory diet an additional boost by applying these quick inflammation reduction tips to your everyday activities

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No Hassle 30-Minute Recipes to Reduce Inflammation