Prenatal vitamin Supplements

I recommend a prenatal vitamin to all my pregnant clients throughout the entirety of their pregnancy (and beyond!). However, I ask them to think of prenatal supplementation as added insurance. You can’t ‘out supplement’ a bad diet, but it’s still a smart idea to have the extra help on hand when growing a baby. Shockingly, there are no FDA regulations on what can be called a prenatal vitamin. What we do know, is that gummy prenatal chews and one-a-days typically don’t get the job done. Certain nutrients are bulkier than others and the proper requirements can’t be fit into one small tablet. 

Instead, look for a prenatal vitamin sourced solely from organic whole foods with sufficient amounts of minerals and water-soluble vitamins, as it’s likely that fat-soluble vitamins will need additional supplementation. Fat-soluble nutrients like choline, vitamin D and vitamin K2 are often lacking in conventional prenatal vitamins. Avoid any brands that contain fillers, artificial flavors or ingredients, dyes, and other potentially harmful ingredients. Break up your daily dose as much as possible throughout the day, and take it with food, for better absorption. Another consideration with a prenatal vitamin is that RDAs are typically set to prevent deficiency, but not necessarily to promote thriving, optimal health of both mother and baby. There is a difference.


One of the top reasons for consuming fish boils down to DHA—a major brain-boosting nutrient when it comes to your baby’s development. DHA is a long-chain omega-3 fatty acid found in concentrated amounts in fatty fish such as salmon, sardines, fish roe, and herring. It also encourages iron transport by influencing the genetic expression of iron transport proteins, ensuring your baby receives the enough brain-building iron during your pregnancy. Algae is the only plant source of DHA. Wild-caught, as opposed to farmed, fish are higher in DHA, not to mention safer to eat because they generally contain far less contaminants. Enjoying wild-caught fish regularly can also help ensure that you’re receiving excellent doses of two other vital baby-building nutrients that many women lack: vitamin D and iodine. 

vital Prenatal Nutrients

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