This blueprint  is more than just a list of health tips and energy boosts — it’s meant to be a model of empowerment for women in all stages of life (not just mamas!) who long to take control of their own health outcomes. Especially when ‘getting more sleep’ isn’t possible.

This 20-page guide is bursting with actionable steps to heal yourself from fatigue. It covers lifestyle, therapeutic supplementation, and nutrient-dense foods...and then it digs into the nitty gritty underlying causes of serious health issues through at-home testing. I’ve also included, as a BONUS, a full outline of adrenal fatigue symptoms broken down piece by piece.



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How to get pregnant

Preconception & Fertility Care

Your nutrition and wellness plan leading up to conception can phenomenally enhance not only your chances of quicker conception, but also health of your future baby.

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How to Be pregnant

Prenatal nutrition and wellness

From holding off morning sickness to giving your baby the absolute best building blocks for life, your nine months of nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle changes are crucial.

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I haven’t been in my goal weight range since I had my thyroid removed three years ago! I’m so happy with my progress and can’t wait to see where I continue to go with Madeline’s guidance. My goal was to conquer this weight loss resistance and become pregnant again. I’ve had so many compliments, it’s unbelievable. I ran into an old friend, and she kept mentioning how much weight I’d lost — when I told her I was FOUR MONTHS PREGNANT, she almost fell off her chair!
— Maryam, BELGIUM
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How to Recover from pregnancy

postpartum healing for mama

Having a baby is no joke! Learn valuable and life-saving pillars of health during one of the most sacred times in a woman's life — the fourth trimester.



In my practice I use EverlyWell at-home testing. With EverlyWell you don’t need to waste time scheduling doctor's appointments or dragging yourself to the lab. You simply purchase online, receive and register your kit, and then take your sample from home (either blood spot, urine or saliva). Your results are made available to you within just a few days.

If you use THIS LINK you’ll receive 12% off all EverlyWell tests. Our mission is to improve your quality of life by empowering you to gain access to your personalized health information through at-home testing. Wellness starts with understanding.

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What can you get tested via EverlyWell? So many things! Thyroid, vitamin D levels, ovarian hormone levels, food sensitivities, sleep and stress hormones, fertility, metabolism...the list goes on! Check them all out HERE

After receiving your test results, you can book a consult with me where we'll go over them together and determine your next steps and recommendation plan.  

Want to talk about something Other than babies? THat's allowed.

1-to-1 Nutrition Consulting — Initial Meeting

This is the perfect starting point if you're not sure what exactly you need, but you're dissatisfied with the current state of your body and your health, and you want to change that! 

During our initial consultation we will review your full health history, evaluate your three-day nutrition journal, and address any questions/concerns you may have in order to assess your body's strengths and weaknesses and help determine its current nutrient needs.

Recommendations for diet, lifestyle, and any necessary supplementation will be discussed and reviewed in detail. A one-week meal plan + recipes, as well as any other educational resources and recommendations that apply, are included in the price and will be sent in a follow-up email after our initial meeting. Available in person or by phone.

$150/60 MINUTES

1-Month Intro Package Offer! 

A personalized wellness program with your own private nutritionist. This includes:

  • Two customized one-hour nutrition counseling sessions, over the course of one month.

  • Full email support in between sessions

  • Evaluation of your 3-day nutrition journal + full intake

  • A comprehensive meal plan with foods to reduce, eliminate, incorporate or boost

  • Product tips for keeping the kitchen stocked with real food ingredients for nutrient-dense, approachable meals

  • Seasonal recipes for a plant-based, whole foods lifestyle

With this package we really have the time to begin doing some investigative work into the roots of what's challenging your health.  

$350 (A $600 VALUE)

Follow-Up Sessions • $65/hr

Have you already done a program with Madeline Nutrition? A follow-up session is a tune-up where we check in on your nutritional progress in order to optimize the future of your health. We will discuss your successes, your challenges, review all that we learned before and adjust your meal plan and make more therapeutic recommendations as needed. Available in-person, via FaceTime or by phone.

Let's Get Started!

1-to-1 Nutrition Consulting can be conducted over the phone or via extensive email exchange for those with busy lifestyles. Please send your completed health history intake form, nutrition journals, and informed consent (below) to so we can get your first appointment on the books.