I Birthed a New Book! The Healthy Pregnancy Nutrition Guide & Cookbook is Here

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The Healthy Pregnancy Nutrition Guide & Cookbook—Meal Plans and Recipes to Nourish Mama and Baby is available for pre-order.

Growing a human from scratch is no small task. Much of what happens within your own body can be beyond your control. But you remain in charge of one key piece to the pregnancy puzzle—how you nourish yourself and your baby. Yet, even this can feel a little overwhelming at times. What’s an okay snack? Am I eating too much? Not enough? How can I avoid morning sickness? What if I develop constipation?

In this book you’ll find concise nutritional information highlighting the specific nutrients you’ll need and the months when they will really resonate. Each month shares nine recipes that revolve around those nutrients, as well as a weekly meal plan to tie them all together. It also includes tips to customize your diet and lifestyle if you experience nausea, heartburn, blood sugar issues, hypertension, constipation, or other common conditions unique to pregnancy.

Depending on when you’ve picked up this book, you can use it in a few different ways. You can read it front to back when you find out you’re expecting. Or, you can flip to whatever month you’re currently in to find out what nutrients, recommendations, and meals are best for you and your baby at that exact moment. If you’ve already had your baby, this book can still serve you in tremendous ways. The postpartum period, especially if you’re breastfeeding, can be just as (if not more) nutrient-demanding than pregnancy. Throughout the months and years after you give birth, I hope you’ll continue to use and love the recipes in this book.

Month One offers a wealth of pregnancy nutrition and health-related information to start you in the right direction. Many women don’t find out they’re pregnant until the end of Month One, so I haven’t included any recipes in this chapter, but it will be a great reference for practical advice, even if you’re opening the book halfway through your pregnancy.

Herbed Lamb with Cauliflower Mash from Month Five

Herbed Lamb with Cauliflower Mash from Month Five

Months Two to Nine offer targeted nutritional recommendations for each stage of pregnancy. You’ll find a snapshot at the start of each chapter explaining where mama and baby are in terms of growth and development. Next are specific nutritional goals for that month, highlighting which nutrients really stand out for mother and child and why. There is also a section on healthier, more natural ways to deal with common pregnancy conditions you might encounter that month.

These sections also include one-week meal plans to act as a foundation for that particular month. Each plan includes recipes and meal ideas repeated occasionally to make mama’s life easier. The meals in bold with page references are specific to the recipes in this book, while the other meals are simple suggestions to give you an easy meal idea you can throw together in your own way, such as “a quinoa bowl with roasted veggies and grilled chicken.” All of the recipes in this book use nutrient-dense, wholesome ingredients and have been developed to nourish the baby and also support the mother during pregnancy. Nutritional information is included for each recipe (in cases where ingredient options are offered, the first option was used for calculations). 

Look for the following recipe labels in the Index if you adhere to specific dietary restrictions:

  • Dairy-Free recipes are free of milk products.

  • Gluten-Free recipes do not use any ingredients that contain gluten.

  • Nut-Free recipes are free of nuts. They may, however, include coconut, which is technically a fruit.

  • Paleo recipes are free of grains, legumes, and dairy (with the exception of ghee), and they do not use processed ingredients or refined sugars. The majority of the Paleo recipes are also Whole30 approved as well.

Nestled just before the back matter of the book is a section on labor and postpartum, to help you keep your healthy diet going through the fourth trimester of recovery, bonding, and breastfeeding.

Happier moms and healthier babies―a monthly pregnancy cookbook.

Growing a new human from scratch takes a lot of energy. Fuel up for it by nourishing yourself and your baby during each month of your pregnancy. This pregnancy cookbook is a stress-free way to learn about the specific foods to eat (or avoid) while pregnant and make sure you’re making the healthiest choices for both of you.

It’s a handy, all-in-one reference to eating while pregnant that makes a complex and intimidating process feel manageable. You’ll be comforted to have a pregnancy cookbook that offers recipes for each month, along with detailed weekly meal plans. You’ll also find basics on the current science behind pregnancy nutrition from conception to labor and beyond.

A pregnancy cookbook that breaks it down, one month at a time:

  • Practical advice―Incorporate the right foods into your diet with recipes that are easy to cook and eat, especially when you’re not feeling great.

  • Better for both of you―The chapter for each month explains what’s happening in your body at that stage, and how to manage the new changes better with diet.

  • Catered to your needs―Recipes include tips for how to modify the ingredients to help with nausea, itchiness, blood sugar regulation, and more.

Eat right for both of you with a pregnancy cookbook for every stage.

Fish Taco Baja Bowls from Month Four

Fish Taco Baja Bowls from Month Four