A Tennis Star’s Journey to the Top: How Small Changes to Eating and Working Out Can Lead to Great Things

tennis star

Ever since winning her first Grand Slam title during last year’s Australian Open against a highly touted Serena Williams, current world number one Angelique Kerber is enjoying her meteoric rise to the top. The 28-year-old German, who only bagged three tour-level trophies in her first 12 seasons on tour, has been a revelation the past couple of years. The aforementioned Grand Slam title run preceded many tournament victories including the 2016 US Open, as well as a Porsche Tennis Grand Prix in Stuttgart. She even won her first Olympic silver medal at the Rio Summer Games.

Vastly improved fitness has been a major key to Angelique Kerber’s success last tennis season. In more ways than one, it made her a consistent contender for the sport’s biggest tournaments. Coming into this year’s Australian Open, Kerber is – once again – among the favorites to win it all. She’s become a constant force to be reckoned with, so to speak. This, of course, is also a testament as to how she puts a premium on and the fruition of her meticulous skills training and conditioning regimen.

Looking back at the last Australian Open Final, Angelique Kerber faced tough circumstances, going up against then-world number one Serena Williams. Entering the championship phase of the Grand Slam tournament, many doubted the German’s chances versus a soon-to-be Hall of Famer. Tennis pundit Ren Gates, who regularly writes opinion pieces for reputable tennis website PlayYourCourt, even stated that Serena’s match day fitness would “sink the German player” under the sport’s bright lights. However, during said match, it seemed like the tables turned and it was Kerber who showed everyone how a drastic change in diet proved to be beneficial.

For their part, Health Fitness Revolution shows a sample diet program for tennis players. While Angelique Kerber never looked like a star with a weight problem, she made it a point to become visibly leaner than ever before. Kerber went on a strict meal plan, opting for leaner cut meats and other protein sources. With this came the confidence in each stroke and the quickness in every movement on the court. She became faster, and lighter on her feet. In addition, other than eating right, her fitness level is at its peak, thanks to her dedication to working out. Baseline even gave fans a glimpse of her training regimen, consisting of a lot of shoulder, legs, and core workouts. This resulted in her changing her image from being known primarily as a defensive player to blossoming into an all-round contender.

Angelique Kerber’s journey to the top is a sports story worth noting. It proves to everyone how simple lifestyle changes such as eating healthy and working out consistently can make all the difference in the world. At the end of the day, there is no one meal plan or a particular training method that’s perfect, as it all boils down to a person’s consistent dedication to work hard and trust in the process.

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